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2020 Miller Open Education Mini-Grant Recipients

Project PI Grant Title Course Link to Profile
EJ Bahng; John Hauptman Humanizing Science through STEAM Challenges EDUC 449 [In progress]

Anson Call

Developing OER Videos for 3D Motion Graphics ARTGR 463/563 [In progress]
Yongyeon Cho Tutorials of visual graphic communication programs for interior design ARTID 263 [In progress]
Lily Compton; Tim Kochem; Elena Cotos Intelligibility-Based Oral Communication: Resources for Teaching Non-Native English Speakers ENGL 180
[In progress]
Kate Gilbert; Ken Prusa Creating Instructional Materials to Improve the Product Development Experience FSHN 412 [In progress]
Shan Jiang An illustrated lab book and demos for polymer courses MAT E 453/553;
MAT E 350
[In progress]
Corinna Most BPMI students’ anatomical drawings for Comparative Chordate Anatomy (BIOL351) BIOL 351 [In progress]
Megan Myers At Home and Abroad: Languages & Cultures for the Professions Graduate Experiences SPAN 304 [In progress]
Walter Suza Integrating OER in AGRON 320, Genetics, Agriculture, and Biotechnology Course AGRON 320 [In progress]

2019 Miller Open Education Mini-Grant Recipients

Project PI Grant Title Course Link to Profile
Amanda Anderson Resistance Training and Assessment Techniques KIN 258 Trailblazer profile

Andrew Bolstad; Julie Dickerson

Open Signals & Systems Lab Exercises EE 224 [In progress]
Karri Haen Whitmer A Course-Based Research Approach to Human Physiology BIOL 256L Trailblazer profile
John Haughery Adapting OER content for TSM 363 TSM 363 Trailblazer profile
Ji Yeong I Open Educational Resources Bridging Mathematics and Language EDUC 502,593G [In progress]
Julie Irish Inclusive Environments, Inclusive Educational Resources ARTID 569A Trailblazer profile
Monica Lamm; Laura Jarboe Open Handbook for Chemical Engineering Separations CH E 358 [In progress]
Diana Lang Parenting Education in a Global World via Open Access Resources HDFS 249 Trailblazer profile
Kelly Reddy-Best Creating and Implementing Open Educational Resources for AMD 165 AMD 165 [In progress]
Nicole Tramp Enhancing Online Learning for Dietetic Interns with Articulate 360 FSHN 554,555,556 Trailblazer profile

2018 Miller Open Education Mini-Grant Recipients

Project PI Grant Title Course Link to Profile
Michael Brown Opening Pathways to Data Science for Human Science Graduate Students RESEV 552 Trailblazer profile
John Haughery TSM 363 Open Educational Resource Integration TSM 363 Trailblazer profile
Boris Jovanovic; Evrim Baran Creating an Open Wikibook for the Aquatic Toxicology Graduate Course NREM 5XX

Project link; Evrim's Trailblazer profile

John LaJoie; Craig Ogilvie Increasing Students’ Preparedness for Physics Class PHYS 241, 242 Trailblazer profile
Dennis Lavrov Transforming EEOB 563, Molecular Phylogenetics, into an Open Course EEOB 563 Trailblazer profile
Young-Jin Lee Open Educational Resources for Analytical Chemistry Class CHEM 211 [Opted out]
Jen McClung Native People in American Culture – Open Educational Resources as an Act of Reciprocity Am In 201X Trailblazer profile
Reza Montazami Open Educational Resources for ME 370, Engineering Measurements & Instrumentation M E 370 Trailblazre profile
Pete Moore An Open Textbook for Quantitative Problem-Solving in Natural Resources NREM 240 Trailblazer profile
Larysa Nadolny Fair Use for K-12 Instructors: Teaching & Learning with Digital Media C I 202, 505 Trailblazer profile
Eric Olson Creation & Implementation of Open Educational Resources for EVENT 471 EVENT 471 Trailblazer profile
Sara Pistolesi Step-by-step Graphic-Integrated Experiment Manuals for General Chemistry Laboratories CHEM 163L, 167L, 177L, etc [Opted out]
Shenglan Zhang An Interactive Online Module on Tones for Chinese-as-a-Foreign Language Learners CHIN 102 Trailblazer profile