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OER Consultations

Abbey Elder

Abbey Elder

Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian

Phone: (515) 294-5753


Support Services: OER Consultations, instruction sessions, mini-grant application guidance


What is an OER consultation? 

Like a research consultation, an OER consultation is a meeting with a librarian in which they will review potential resources with you, discuss your individual needs, and work with you to develop a plan for your course's adoption of OER or other affordable course materials. 

The consultation process: 

Complete the OER Consultation Request Form. Your answers to this simple, one-page questionnaire will help our support team understand your specific needs.

After your request form is received, the University Library’s Scholarly Communication Librarian, Abbey Elder, will review your request and begin identifying open textbooks, library materials, and items in the public domain that might meet your needs. She may reach out to ask for a copy of your syllabus, the titles of texts that have been required or recommended for your course in past semesters, and any OER titles you are familiar with or have already reviewed for your course.

Once preliminary titles have been identified for your course and our team has had a chance to review your request in-depth, the Scholarly Communication Librarian will follow up with you to identify a good time to meet virtually to discuss the options for open, free, and/or affordable educational resources that could be a good fit for your course. In addition to identifying potential resources to adopt, at these consultations, you can get support: 

  • accessing rubrics and other resources for evaluating OER 
  • planning a larger OER project for the future

By the end of this process, you and your support team will have identified next steps for evaluating materials, integrating them into your course, and reporting them to the campus bookstore.

What is an OER instruction session? 

During a traditional library instruction session, a subject librarian can come to your class to discuss research methods or databases in your discipline. For an OER instruction session, Abbey can visit your department or course to discuss the basics of OER. This can be useful in two cases: for departments, it can showcase the breadth of open resources available for other instructors in your area; for classes, it can provide information about what an OER is for students using or creating one as part of a course.