OER Consultations


Abbey Elder photo Abbey Elder

Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian

Phone: (515) 294-5753

Email: aelder@iastate.edu

Support Services: OER Consultations, instruction sessions, mini-grant application guidance

What is an OER consultation? 

During an OER Consultation, the Open Access Librarian will ask you a few simple questions to determine what type of OER you need and where you might need to look to find appropriate materials. For example: are you hoping to find a textbook or ancillary materials? Do you prefer static text, or do you like using videos as examples in your course? 

After the consultation, Abbey will ask for a copy of your syllabus and your current course materials, to aid in finding relevant and related content online. Once she has pulled together a curated list of content for you, she will send you the list along with a set of recommended databases where you can search for more. 

What is an OER instruction session? 

During a traditional library instruction session, a subject librarian can come to your class to discuss research methods or databases in your discipline. For an OER instruction session, Abbey can visit your department or course to discuss the basics of OER. This can be useful in two cases: for departments, it can showcase the breadth of open resources available for other instructors in your area; for classes, it can provide information about what an OER is for students using or creating one as part of a course.