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Kate Gilbert

Kate Gilbert

  • Associate Teaching Professor
FSHN 412

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215 Mackay
2302 Osborn Dr.

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FSHN 412: Food Product Development


Case Study

Kate Gilbert worked with Ken Prusa to develop a Food Product Development Lab Manual as part of the 2020 cohort of the Miller Open Education Mini-Grant Program. The project’s purpose was to construct and organize background and instructional content for the food product development capstone course. There are only a few Product Development textbooks available and those textbooks are not practical and too expensive to be of value for the course, but resources are still needed to make sure students are prepared for the course.

The OER content was developed in two pieces. The first was interactive ThinkSpace Cases. The second is a printable lab manual. The ThinkSpace piece was implemented in Spring 2021 and the corresponding lab manual will be used in Spring 2022. The main goal was for teams to be able to work more independently and complete more components of the food product development process. The secondary goal was to use instructor time more efficiently by helping teams work through tough problems and not repeatedly answering the easy questions. So far, progress with both goals are being observed. Developing an Open Educational Resource is ideal because it allows instructors at other universities to modify and adapt this content for their course format and focus.