Manjot Singh Bhussar

Manjot Singh Bhussar

  • Assistant Professor
  • Management
MGMT 478


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MGMT 478: Strategic Management 


Case Study

Strategic Management is a course that students have to take right before they graduate. Most of the books that I have used in the class before were in the price range of $100-200 while not varying too much in content, so I was very excited to see “Mastering Strategic Management” available as a free textbook through the Open Textbook Library. Knowing the authors of the book as some of the best management researchers, I knew that it would be one of the best value books for the students and they did not have to compromise the quality of knowledge for cost. The book gave me the freedom to customize my course, where I could combine the textbook with some in-depth external case studies to create a high-quality course content repository for the students.