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Timothy Kochem

Timothy Kochem

  • Graduate Assistant
  • English
ENGL 180

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326 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.

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ENGL 180: English for Teaching Purposes


Case Study

Mr. Tim Kochem, Ph.D. Candidate in the Applied Linguistics and Technology program, Department of English, received a 2020 Miller Open Education Mini-Grant to develop a new book that is being used in ENGL 180: English for Teaching Purposes, and also in English Speaking Consultations offered by the Center for Communication Excellence.

The book that I developed (alongside Drs. Monica Ghosh, Lily Compton, and Elena Cotos) is designed to provide language learners and teachers with tools to help with English pronunciation features, such as consonants and vowels, rhythm, and stress patterns. While some open access materials exist for pronunciation instruction, very few include materials for both learners and teachers. Additionally, we were able to include interactive activities for both individual and classroom learning, which is often missing from existing open access materials. Our new OER serves as a foundation to which activities and teaching tips can be continually added. Our OER can be accessed and modified by anyone across the world.

Kochem, T., Ghosh, M., Compton, L., & Cotos, E. (2020). Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers of English. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Digital Press. DOI: