Creating Instructional Materials to Improve the Product Development Experience


Food product development book cover


The purpose of this project was to construct and organize background and instructional content for the food product development course to since no practical textbook exists for that subject. Some materials had been slowly developed and added to the course over the last few years. To complete this project, that content was organized and new materials were developed to fill gaps in the already-developed curricular materials.

The project was disseminated through ThinkSpace (a courseware platform that provides tools for walking students through complex problem-solving cases) and as a lab manual available through the Iowa State University Digital Press.


As the PIs noted in their final report: 

"It may take another round of teaching the course with the lab manual to see all of the results, but it is rewarding to see the progress students are making. Instructor time is used a bit more efficiently by helping teams work through tough problems and not repeatedly answering the easy questions. It was apparent who was doing their homework outside of class and who was not by questions that were asked."


Citation: Gilbert, K. & Prusa, K. (2021). Food product development. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Digital Press. DOI: