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Expanding Research Writing Learning Materials for Application across University Graduate-Level Courses


The purpose of this project was to consolidate a number of instructor-compiled Word documents and PDFs into an easily decipherable, well-organized open textbook. In doing so, students currently enrolled in GR ST 536 would continue to have access to the course materials, students not enrolled in the course would be able to use the book, and instructors across the university would be able to use this book in class and/or alert their graduate students to this resource as they learn research writing skills.

The content of the Pressbook, Preparing to Publish, presents instructional strategies for students to learn research writing skills. The intent of the book is to raise students’ awareness of the norms and expectations of high-quality research writing in their field that will help them more thoughtfully approach their own writing with the intent of matching disciplinary standards.

As the PI recounted in their final report, evaluations from both the course instructor and students revealed that the book was easy to navigate and useful for their needs, with 100% of the students that completed the end-of-semester survey agreeing that the textbook contributed to their learning.

Citation: Huffman, S., Cotos, E., & Becker, K. (2022). Preparing to Publish. Iowa State University Digital Press. [Link to be shared once published]