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Instructional Videos for Class Piano Courses


Dr. Janci Bronson, Class Piano & Piano Pedagogy teaching professor, has created a YouTube Education channel, Dr. Janci Bronson on YouTube.

This channel is designed to support student learning within group piano and/or private lessons. The channel's videos cover the following key topics: beginning keyboard technique, sight-reading, transposition, scales, arpeggios, chords, harmonization, and improvisation.

As Dr. Bronson shared in her mini-grant final report:

"The piano instructional videos reinforce my teaching on an array of musical topics and provide clarity, as students can view and re-view after class. I have shared on the videos created for these grants to other major universities to assist their group piano programs, as well as private piano teacher groups"

Dr. Bronson's Miller Mini-Grant project funded a set of 72 piano teaching videos to supplement the courses Class Piano I and II. The videos created provide overviews of major and minor scales, hand positioning techniques, and demos of specific pieces for learners:

Each video comes with closed captions, brief descriptions, suggestions for related videos, and chapters (“show more” under the video description).