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Native People in American Culture: OER as an Act of Reciprocity

Urban Indian Identity Canvas Commons Module
Users can easily preview, import, and adapt 1 or more of Dr. McClung's modules for use in their own Canvas courses.

Although Dr. McClung initially planned to only create 1-2 module lesson plans for the Fall 2018 semester, she ended up creating 7. This was due to the nature of the course she was designing, which is structured as a Team-Based Learning course. Because she had made the decision to fully implement Team-Based Learning pedagogy, it became necessary to develop all of the courses’ modules for Fall 2018. As Dr. Nadolny stated in her project report: 

"While this was far more work than I’d imagined, it gave me an excellent framework for the Spring 2019 semester where I’ve been tweaking, adjusting, and revising the materials I created last semester.

I also had the privilege of sharing my lesson plans with trusted colleagues in Indigenous communities and in the discipline of Native Studies, and I received positive responses which confirmed (for me) that the work I am doing and creating is properly situated and serving my larger goal of better Native and non-Native relations.

Student responses to the lesson plans were overwhelmingly positive as well, especially in how multi-modal and accessible content was and how interactive class-session were designed. However, it was clear there were modules that needed further refining, which I am currently working on and almost finished with.

An interesting and unexpected outcome has been the level of student engagement the new lesson plans have facilitated. I think this is largely due to the Team-Based Learning format, but the focused attention and resources I’ve been able to devote to the lesson plans have increased their quality and effectiveness. Additionally, my implementation of Team-Based Learning has raised some fascinating pedagogical questions which I now have the opportunity to explore and research through CELT’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning program."