Publish a New OER

Whether you are considering customizing an existing OER or creating something new, you want to make sure that your resources are easy to find and use. Below, we've outlined some of the support available for you to easily publish your OER. 

Support Available for Publishing OER

The Iowa State University Digital Press is publishes journals, conferences, books, and textbooks, specializing in: 

  • Open textbooks and other OER
  • Scholarship reflecting Iowa State's academic and research focuses
  • Stories of Iowa and the Midwest
  • Diversifying scholarly voices

For more information about the textbook publishing process with the ISU Digital Press, see Information for Textbook Authors.

The ISU Digital Press received a Publishing Practice Award for its work developing an award-winning textbook, Dress, Appearance, and Diversity in U.S. Society, with Dr. Kelly L. Reddy-Best.

Finding Funding

Each spring, our committee puts out a call for proposals for projects to publish, update, or adopt OER. If you are interested in creating a new open educational resource but need support to make that a reality, see our Apply for a Mini-Grant webpage for more information about our grants. 

Printing your Course OER

Many OER publishers have print versions of their texts available to purchase at a low cost. These print books can be ordered through the ISU Book Store in the same way you might be used to them ordering copies of traditional textbooks. If this option is not available, or if you would like to combine multiple OER into a course pack, consider using one of the printing services listed below: