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Anson B. Call

Anson B. Call

  • Associate Professor
  • Graphic Design
ArtGR 521
ArtGR 463/563
ArtGR 484/584
ArtIS 408/508
ArtIS 407/507

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488 Design
715 Bissell Rd.

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This OER can be utilized in any course that implements motion in an art or design context.

  • ArtGR 521: Graduate Studio 2
  • ArtGR 463/563: 3D Motion Graphics
  • ArtGR 484/584: 3D Modeling and Augmented Reality
  • ArtIS 408/508: Principles of Animation
  • ArtIS 407/507: Principles of Character Animation


Case Study

The Open Educational Resource, Principles of Motion, is applicable in cases where motion is to be used in art or design. This could be for motion design, animation, user interface design, experience design, augmented reality, virtual reality, or any other situation where motion is concerned. Principles of Motion provides additional motion principles and builds on the frameworks of the elements and principles of design, as well as the principles of animation.