OER Trailblazers

Clinton Gudmunson photo
Human Development & Family Studies
Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies HDFS 369
Reza Montazami headshot
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Measurements M E 370
Manjot Singh Bhussar headshot
Strategic Management MGMT 478
Kathleen Hilliard headshot
Survey of United States History I HIST 221
American Indian Studies
Native People in American Culture AM IN 201X
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Introduction to World Religions RELIG 205
Theory of Linear Algebra MATH 317
Jing Dong photo
Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Transportation Systems Analysis C E 557
Research Design and Methodology PSYCH 301
Baran photo
School of Education
Advanced Learning Environments Design C I 603
Dennis Lavrov photo
Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology
Molecular Phylogenetics EEOB 563
Chemical Thermodynamics CHEM 325
Scott Johnson 2019
Strategic Management MGMT 478
Physics & Astronomy
Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology ASTRO 150
Brian Hornbuckle Photo
Introduction to Weather and Climate AGRON 206
Physics & Astronomy
Principles and Symmetries in Classical Physics II PHYS 242
Ogilvie headshot
Physics & Astronomy
Principles and Symmetries in Classical Physics I PHYS 241
Clancy 2018
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 101
Peter Moore photo
Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Quantitative Problem Solving in Natural Resources NREM 240
Brown 2017
School of Education
Basic Educational Statistics RESEV 552
Haughery placeholder
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Electric Power and Electronics for Agriculture and Industry TSM 363
Nadolny 2017
School of Education
Using Technology in Teaching and Learning C I 505